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Furry Sacrifice is a PvP 2D game in which you need to drag your opponent to your altar in order to sacrifice him for the almighty God of bunnies!

Smash him with A or X, stun him with Y, and then drag him to your altar with LT or RT! But be careful: the more your stun gauge is filled, the longer you'll be stunned...

This game was made during the Global Game Jam 2016. This version is a bit better than the one uploaded on the website.

Meet the Team Roquette!

Game programming:

Adrien Taphalot

Dorian Grandry

Game design:

Thomas Bardet

Clara Legentil

Quentin Thiébault

Florian Costes

Game art:

Clément Pinczon du Sel

Thomas Bardet

Quentin Thiébault

Clara Legentil

Sound design:

Florian Costes

More information

Published324 days ago
Tags2016, 2D, Controller, global-game-jam
Player countSingleplayer


Furry Sacrifice.zip (29 MB)

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